JMG offers their competences and flexibility to the private owners and businesses fulfilling their single needs, to take on outsource projects :

  • Aircraft value assessment
  • Technical records audits
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Expert opinion on a subject, consulting services
  • Development of Aircraft Operational Manuals/documentation
  • Operational audits
  • Asset running costs analyses and monitoring
  • Follow up a new aircraft delivery projects

We are glad to provide high added value creative solutions to the Client’s processes based on their input and meeting their deadlines.

Any operations will be more complete and successful if meet the customers’ expectations. We encourage every aircraft owner/a buyer to allow having some time prior to a projects commencement and involve experts to assist in proper planning of operations which will be tailor-made and help to set correct expectations.

Our experts team will be happy to provide complete guidance in: selecting the type, choosing the right registry, identifying the best operations, reviewing the most appropriate financial schemes.

  • Selecting the right aircraft type to serve a purpose
  • Giving advice on aircraft registry choice
  • Identifying the best operations
  • Evaluating technical records of selected preowned aircraft and following up PPI
  • Helping with a specification of a new aircraft and following up delivery project
  • Analyzing operations scheme solutions

Choosing the right aircraft is a game changing decision.