Jet Management Geneva office offers private operations for the Owners looking for synergy from quality of service and freedom of choice. The clients benefit from full time dedicated Swiss office operating their aircraft with preferred worldwide registration. Having choice is a privilege which we treat with care and respect.

Jet Management San Marino office was brought to life with a great idea to put together all experience gained by Jet Management Geneva over years and the new opportunities offering private operations for San Marino registered aircraft, for the Owners looking for particular benefits of T7 registration.
After years’ experience in operations the team will assist in creating the best operational pattern letting our customer benefit from the group infrastructure.

Jet Management San Marino AOC allow the Clients operate their aircraft commercially letting enjoy sensible balance of flexibility and quality standards
The team of professionals will consult on possible business solutions and best practices implemented throughout all the time in business.

Charter Program: Whether an Owner decides to charter their aircraft or Should you choose to charter your aircraft, we will take care of its marketing and sales respecting Client’s flight schedule and agreed input to the charter use.

In-house 24/7 flight dispatch services complement JMG operations and contribute to high level of responsiveness and efficient solutions in fast-paced environment. Being recognised for controlling and managing eight different types of aircraft, the Team is able to satisfy any operational requirements:

  • Worldwide operations
  • Long range flights
  • Fuel solutions
  • Challenging airfields
  • Efficient flight planning

We hear our customers and take a note of preferred suppliers and providers.

JMG dispatch Team is happy to assist in coordinating the third party arrangements connected to the trip of our passengers and supervise subchapters for the Clients.